How We Work

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Step 1

Order Your Paper
  1. Fill out the order form and tell us your academic level, the paper type you need, your deadline and your subject.
  2. Add as many or as few details as you like to give your writer guidance on what you would like them to do.
  3. Get your price and pay for your paper through our secure payment processing system.
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Step 2

Wait for Your Paper to Be Written
  1. When your order is complete, we will match you with an expert writer.
  2. Your writer will write the paper according to the specifications on your order form.
  3. Your paper will be edited for clarity and accuracy.
  4. Your paper will be proof read to ensure it is error free.
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Step 3

Receive Your Paper
  1. Your paper will be checked with plagiarism detecting software to ensure it is completely original.
  2. Once it’s fully completed, your paper will be sent to you for approval.
  3. After this you may ask for a revision or mark the order as fully completed.
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