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We understand that students are on tight budgets. And when they find that they need PhD academic writing help, they have to budget carefully for that expense. For this reason, we keep our prices as reasonable as possible for the quality of our writers, products, and services.

New Customers

If you are new to our agency, you will find that you have a 15% discount on your very first order. You will find a coupon code in several places on our site, so that you can take advantage of this discount. All you have to do is place that coupon code in the right field on the order form, and the discount will be automatically applied to your order price.

Returning Customers

We want to be certain to reward those customers who are happy with our service and who choose to return for additional products or services. These are the discounts to which you are eligible.

  1. Once you have placed orders that accumulate to 15 pages, you will receive a 5% discount on any additional order.

  2. Once you have placed orders that accumulate to 50 pages, you will receive a discount of 10%

  3. Once you have placed orders that accumulate to 100 pages, you will be eligible for a lifetime discount of 15% on any order you place.

To set up your eligibility for these discounts, you need only click the “subscribe” button on our landing page and enter your email address. We will keep track of your discount eligibilities and notify you when you reach each benchmark.

5 days
3 days
48 hours
24 hours

Additional and Special Discounts

  There are other pricing discounts and specials that we offer.

  • For large and complex orders

Many of our customers come to us for hep with large projects, such as theses and dissertations. These can be costly, but we do want to work with you on pricing. We ask that you contact our customer support department and discuss the order details and the possible discounts we may be able to give you.

  • Seasonal Discounts

From time to time, we offer special discounts for holidays, end of semester, etc. If you subscribe to our newsletter/discount offers, you will always receive notification of these specials via your email. You will find coupon codes for these discounts which you can then place in the appropriate field in your order form. Don’t miss out on every discount for which you are eligible. Stay in touch, read through our pages, and subscribe to our notifications.

5% Off
15+ pages
You are eligible for 5% life-time discount when you order 15 pages in total
10% Off
50+ pages
You are eligible for 10% life-time discount when you order 50 pages in total
15% Off
100+ pages
You are eligible for 15% life-time discount when you order 100 pages in total
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